Our equipment is inspected and certified to the CSA B167 Standard, so shouldn’t your crane operators be as well?

We offer the most comprehensive crane operator and rigging program on the market. We are proud to partner with All Canadian Training as they are one of the first crane safety training companies in North America to be audited by an industry expert professional engineer.

The main purpose of these audits is to ensure our training material content and safe-work practices are in accordance and compliant to the most current published applicable national and international standards.

This can lessen the chance of an injury accident for our clients and our instructors, lowering costs related to overhead crane incidents.

CME Training Courses

Overhead Travelling Crane Supervisor

This course was designed to provide Supervisors of Overhead Crane Operators with the minimum industry training requirements to ensure safe and efficient operations.

The course focuses on providing the foundation for due diligence and meeting the compliance requirements of ISO-9000QA

Prerequisite: Participants must successfully complete the OVERHEAD TRAVELING CRANE OPERATOR SAFETY COURSE prior to attending this supervisor course.

Overhead Crane Operator With Hoisting, Rigging & Material Handling

This is a twelve-hour course, usually taught over two days, in which participants are required to attend eight hours of classroom instruction and four hours of practical hands-on training with the crane.

The theory portion of the course begins on Day One, where participants learn the basic principles of operating an overhead crane, including:

  • Regional Health & Safety Regulations
  • Proper crane & rigging inspection
  • Full rigging instructions
  • How to complete safe working load calculations
  • How to make better rigging choices based on industry best practices

The practical evaluation begins on Day Two, consisting of real-world hands-on testing of the skills learned in the classroom. More than simply a “show-and-tell”, It is a very thorough evaluation and is the best way to determine if the participants comprehend what they learned in the theory portion.

Participants must be able to perform all the functions of the Operator, Rigging Person and Signaler. They must also perform a simple lift plan, including a visual crane inspection.

Participants will practice operational requirements, such as:

  • Choosing appropriate rigging
  • Properly rigging the load
  • Safe working load calculations
  • Inspection rejection criteria
  • Hand signals

Basic Rigging & Material Handling

This is an eight-hour course in which the participants learn basic rigging principles, including:

  • The different types of rigging equipment
  • How to perform a visual rigging equipment inspection
  • Inspection rejection criteria
  • The proper application of rigging to loads
  • How to complete safe working load calculations

Train-The-Trainer For Overhead Crane

Train-The-Trainer is a two-day course that shows an instructor exactly how to teach the Overhead Crane Operator Course to in-house workers, as a cost-effective and convenient option for larger employers developing their own crane operator training programs.

This option is an advantage to companies that have multiple locations in different jurisdictions, enabling them to standardize their training and facilitate an auditing process. ACTi’s courses are written to meet compliance with CSA-B167 in Canada, and ASME-B30 in the United States, making the course valid across most of North America.